Naturalness Preserved Enhancement Algorithm for Non-Uniform Illumination Images

  1. The code of this paper was built using Matlab R2011a. The link to the code of the paper: Download.
  2. The link to all the figures presented in our paper: Download.
  3. The link to all the non-uniformly illuminated images: Download_Part1, Part2, Part3.
  4. There is a little mistake with my original code of the LOE computation, so the result will be different if you implement the LOE according to our paper. The definition of the LOE in the paper is totally correct, we test it again and it performed well in accordance with our analysis. To make it easy to understand, we published the revised code here: Download.








  1. I can’t download with the link. can you please send me the code and the test image ? My email addr: 106538432 at Thanks a lot.


  2. can you please provide me the code of bright pass filter,as i am doing my research in low light image enhancement at NICHE ,Tamil Nadu, India.


  3. Sorry to bother,but the link of your source code and the LOE code seems to be unavailable now,Could you please send me a copy please?Thank you so much!


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